Allouez Sidewalk Snowplowing Policy

  1. Allouez residents must shovel their sidewalk after snowstorms, and maintain their sidewalk clear of snow and ice–even if the sidewalk is first plowed by the Village. This includes Webster Avenue, Allouez Avenue, Libal Street, and Hoffman road. Residents have 48 hours after a snowstorm to complete sidewalk shoveling.
  2. After each snowfall the Village plows the roundabouts, village properties, and school sidewalk routes. Village sidewalk snowplowing will be completed within 48 hours of a snowfall including weekends. Refer to the Village sidewalk snowplowing map for further information.
  3. The Village will plow the main sidewalks including Webster Avenue, Allouez Avenue, Libal Street, Hoffman Road, and Riverside Drive after snowstorms of 3” snowfall or more. The Village plows its streets at a 3” snowfall as well. Property owners must shovel after Village sidewalk snowplowing to maintain their sidewalk clear of snow and ice.
  4. Because the Brown County Highway Department frequently plows large amounts of snow onto Webster Avenue, Allouez Avenue and Riverside Drive sidewalks, the Village will provide additional snowplowing of these sidewalks when the weather and snow conditions dictate more frequent snowplowing.