General Forms

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Alarm User Permit Application

Residents & businesses installing private security alarm systems are required to obtain a permit from the Clerk-Treasurer’s office at the Allouez Village Hall or download application. There is no charge for the first false alarm call, if a permit is on file. If a permit is not on file, there is a $25.00 charge for the first alarm call and a permit application is mailed with the invoice.

The charge for a second false alarm is $25.00; third false alarm $50.00; each subsequent false alarm is $75.00. The permit is for your protection and safety. These charges are per calendar year.

If you have already installed an alarm system, you are still required to obtain a permit.

Allouez & Bellin Health Farmers’ Market 2018

Village of Allouez Thursday afternoon 2018 Farmers’ Market that offered produce and other items will not be returning this summer.  Mediocre attendance and lack of vendor participation factored into the decision to at least temporarily cease operations of the market.

It was a great learning experience and we are glad we did it.  We gave it our best trying to promote it but struggled to maintain a strong enough attendance to attract vendors.

We will continue to explore ways we can generate and support business traffic in our community and welcome input from citizens who have ideas on how we can achieve this.

Allouez Employment Application 

Application for Certificate of Appropriateness

Bicycle Licenses

Registration is free.

Residents may stop into Village Hall during normal business hours to register their bike. Contact the Village at (920) 448-2800 for further information.

Block Party Request Form

Building Permit Application

Dog Licenses

Dog Licensing Application

Dogs are required to be licensed yearly (January – December) when they become 5 months of age. No person shall own, harbor or keep in his possession more than two (2) dogs on any lot zoned as residential.  In no event shall any person have more than four (4) animals at a residence, except upon issuance of a waiver. (click here to view request to exceed waiver) 

Documentation is required showing current rabies shot information and if your pet is neutered or spayed.

License cost: Neutered or Spayed $5.00

Unneutered or Unspayed : $30.00

****Additional $5.00 late fee if purchased after March 31st.

Fire Pit Permit Application

A permit is required for using a fire pit within the Village of Allouez. There is no cost for this permit.

Hen License 

Hen License Application

Hens are required to be licensed annually (January – December). No person shall own, harbor or keep in his possession more than two (2) dogs on any lot zoned as residential.  In no event shall any person have more than four (4) animals at a residence, except upon issuance of a waiver.

The owner of any hen (female Gallus gallus domesticus) more than eight (8) weeks of age shall annually, and on or before the date the hen becomes eight weeks of age, obtain a license.  The word “owner” shall include every person who owns, harbors, or keeps a hen.

License cost: $5.00

House Check Request Form

Noise Variance Permit

Operator’s License / Bartender’s License Application

To obtain an operator’s license you need to complete the application, bring your driver’s license or a copy of your license, provide proof of the completed beverage server training course or provide proof you held a valid operator’s license anywhere in Wisconsin within the last two years and pay the license fees. Operator’s licenses are approved at the Village Board Meetings which are usually scheduled for the first Tuesday of each month.

If you are going to be working alone before your license is approved, a provisional license is needed. Provisional licenses are good for 60 days and also require separate fees.

Temporary Operator License Application

Picnic License

Public Records Access Policy and Procedure (Request for Access to Public Record Form)

The public may obtain information and access to records in the custody of the Village, make requests for records, or obtain copies of records, and the costs thereof.

Request to Exceed Number of Animals Permit

Sanitary, Storm, & Water Main Permit 

Solicitor Application

Street Access Permit 

Street Excavation Permit

Transient Merchant Application