2018 Village of Allouez Floodplain Tips

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Recognize natural and beneficial functions of floodplains in reducing flooding. When floodwater spreads out across a natural floodplain, its energy is dissipated, which results in lower flood flows downstream, reduced erosion of the stream bank and channel, deposition of sediments higher in the watershed, and improved groundwater recharge. Natural floodplains also provide scenic wildlife habitat.

Drainage System Maintenance:
As simple as it sounds, keeping smaller ditches and streams free of debris can dramatically improve the run-off capacity of low lying areas, as well as greatly reduce the occurrence blockage that significantly contributes to flooding. It is a violation of Village ordinance to dump or throw waste into ditches, gutters, or streams. Residents are encouraged to help keep storm drains free by removing or reporting obstructions and debris – including grass clippings, leaves, or branches. Dumping debris into waterways can have devastating impacts on water quality, in addition to causing flooding. Village staff regularly check storm sewers and drainage ditches to insure they are clear and able to handle runoff. Violators can be issued a citation. To report obstructions or dumping, contact Allouez Public Works at 920-448-2800.

You may purchase flood insurance on your property. Flooding is not covered by a standard homeowner’s insurance policy. A separate flood insurance policy is required. Coverage is typically available for the building itself as well as for the contents of the building. The Village of Allouez participates in the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), which makes available federally backed flood insurance for all structures, whether or not they are located within the floodplain (also known as the Special Flood Hazard Area). According to Floodsmart.Gov, over 20% of annual claims to the NFIP are made by property owners outside of the mapped high flood risk area. Note that the coverage goes into effect only after a 30-day waiting period. The village initiatives to reduce damage due to flooding have earned both the municipality and individual policy holders in the special flood hazard area a 20 percent reduction in flood insurance rates. Contact your insurance agency for more information.

For more information, please contact Matt Heyroth, Assistant Zoning Administrator with Brown County Planning and Land Services Office, at 920-448-6480 by phone or at heyroth_mr@co.brown.wi.us by email. You can also visit him at the county offices at 305 E. Walnut Street, Room 320 Green Bay, WI 54305-3600.