Fire Pit Permit

A Fire Pit Permit (no cost) is required when using below ground fire pits or portable devices within the Village of Allouez. Permit Applications are available at the Village Hall, 1900 Libal Street or can be downloaded HERE and returned to the Village Hall.


1.) Fire shall be no closer than 15 feet to any building, trees, shrubbery, bush or any combustible material.

2.) Fires in below ground pits shall have a minimum depth of 4 inches and a maximum diameter of 3 feet and surrounded by non-combustible surface. Portable devices (Weber style) shall be placed on a non-combustible surface and secured.

3.) No fire shall extend more than 4 feet above the ground and must be contained within the enclosure at all times.

4.) Smoke, embers, soot, combustibles or other material from recreational fires may not cause a nuisance for neighboring property owners. DO NOT burn in windy conditions.

5.) NO yard waste, rubbish, garbage, trash, rubber, leather, plastic or petroleum based products shall be burned or otherwise ignited.

6.) Fire suppression equipment shall be present (i.e. shovels, fire extinguisher, water hose or other equipment) to control the recreational fire.

7.) A recreational fire shall be attended by a person 18 years old or older at all times until the fire is completely extinguished.

8.) A renter or lessee shall notify and obtain written permission from the owner prior to initiating any recreational fire.

9.) The property owner, renter or lessee shall be held liable for any damage caused by any recreational fire including the cost of citations.

*Completed forms can be returned by:

  • Drop off or mail to: Allouez Village Hall, 1900 Libal St. Green Bay, WI 54301
  • Emailed to:Village Code Enforcer, Mike Lauder, at: