Amended Sidewalk Snow Clearing Code

The Village of Allouez has recently amended its sidewalk snow clearing code. The change will address the challenge of maintaining sidewalk along Village thoroughfares, improve safety, increase the snowfall depth at which the Village will assist property owners with the clearing of the sidewalk, simplify Village maintenance efforts and meet budgetary challenges. The change was discussed at multiple Public Works Committee meetings and approved at the October 6th Village Board meeting.

Following is the new sidewalk clearing code: (click here to view the signed ordinance) 

The Village of Allouez will assist property owners as follows with the clearing of snow from public sidewalk:

o After each snowfall event the Village will clear sidewalk adjacent to roundabouts and problem area sidewalks (walk along Riverside Dr., Webster Ave., Allouez Ave., and Brookridge St.)

o 6” of snowfall or more – The Village will clear all other contiguous sidewalk which includes Longview Ave., Libal St., Hoffman Rd., Broadview Dr., Greene Ave., Woodrow Way, and St. Joseph St. Less than 6” of snowfall it is the property owner’s responsibility to clear snow and ice from sidewalk.

The owner of property abutting any sidewalk shall, without notice, keep such abutting sidewalk clear of snow and ice as described above and after the initial clearing efforts by the Village. Residents have 48 hours after a snowfall to clear sidewalk of snow and ice. Click here to view the sidewalk map. 

Your cooperation and help with the implementation of this revised code would be appreciated to ensure sidewalk is clear and safe for pedestrian use during winter months. This change will go into effect this year and will be enforced beginning with the first snowfall.

Allouez Department of Public Works

Any questions, please contact:
Jim Cegelski, Street Department Foreman
(920)448-2800 ext. 123