Fall Clean Up



Update as of 11/11/2020-
Due to the volume of leaves, the Village will be adding additional equipment and staff to the fall cleanup effort in an attempt to collect the stockpiled leaves. As of this past weekend the Street Department has made one full pass through the Village with the leaf sucker trucks.

As of November 11th, the Village began baling leaves to assist with the collection. The baling operation which is labor and equipment intensive will be continued throughout next week. By the end of next week, we are optimistic to have completed another full pass through the Village.

Please note the last day to place leaves to the curb is November 15th. Weather permitting, the Village will continue the weeks of November 23rd and 30th with the leaf sucker trucks collecting any remaining piles.

At the end of this season it is our hope to have completed 3 full passes through the Village. To the best of our ability, Staff will provide updated maps of daily progress reports on our website.

Thank you for your patience.

Sean J. Gehin, P.E.
Director of Public Works

 The last day to put yard waste/leaves to the curb for pick up is November 15th. Leaves and yard waste should be placed in separate piles behind the curb – NOT IN THE STREET. Bagged material will not be collected by the Village. If residents wish to bag their yard waste, they will need to contact a private hauler for collection or take the yard waste to the LeBrun Road yard waste site.

“Yard Waste” is defined by the village as: All materials originating in the yard and garden which are capable of natural decomposition, including leaves and other vegetation. Yard waste cannot include brush, stumps, plant stalks, tree roots, or root balls. Crews will collect leaves and yard waste throughout the Village following regular garbage collection routes. However, depending on the amount of yard waste placed at the curb, crews will not always be able to pick this material up on the same day as the garbage is collected.

THERE IS NO BRUSH PICK UP DURING FALL CLEAN-UP THEREFORE DO NOT PLACE BRUSH AT THE CURB DURING THIS TIME. “Brush” is defined by the village as: Trimmings from shrubs, trees, and stalks from garden plants (Rosebush and Bamboo). Brush piles must be free of loose leaves, grass, and yard waste; it cannot include tree roots or root balls.

GREEN GRASS WILL NOT BE COLLECTED BY THE VILLAGE. Green grass can be taken to the yard waste site on LeBrun Road. LEBRUN YARD WASTE SITE (for Allouez Residents Only!) IS OPEN 24/7 (LeBrun Yard waste is located on Le Brun Street -take East River Drive, or Libal Street, or Webster Avenue south towards De Pere.)

It is not possible to accurately tell residents the exact day their yard waste will be picked up, but once collection begins information will be available on the Village’s website. If additional information is needed, please call the Village Hall at 448-2800 during office hours. Thank you for your cooperation.