Riverside Drive and Webster Avenue Corridor Study

In January 2015, the Village of Allouez contracted with GRAEF Engineering and Planning to perform a corridor study for the two main thoroughfares in the village – Riverside Drive and Webster Avenue. The purpose of the study was to meld forthcoming major infrastructure improvements and future development with the residential character, local ecology, and economic activity along both corridors. The final plan was approved by the Village Board in September 2015 and has become a vision for development along these corridors. To view the corridor study and some of the concept development scenarios, please click on the link and photos below.

Please contact Trevor Fuller, Planning and Zoning Administrator, at the Village Hall with any questions or to learn more about the study.

Trevor Fuller, Planning and Zoning Administrator

Phone: (920)448-2800, Ext: 134

E-mail: trevor@villageofallouez.com

Riverside Drive and Webster Avenue Corridor Study(Click to view)

(Click on photos to enlarge)

Riverside-Allouez Rendering 
Riverside-Allouez Rendering

Riverside-Allouez Birdseye Rendering
Riverside-Allouez Birdseye Rendering

Webster-St Joseph Plaza Rendering
Webster-St. Joseph Plaza Rendering

Webster-St Joseph NW Birdseye Rendering
Webster- St. Joseph NW Birdseye Rendering