TIF District

The Village of Allouez recently implemented the first Tax Increment Finance District (TID) for the community. The idea of a TID within the boundaries of the Village of Allouez first began in 2005, with ideas of redeveloping the old Village Hall site. The proposed boundaries of the TID soon spread to include much of Webster Avenue, Riverside Drive, and Marine Street corridors.

The TID provides a business within the district funding to make approved façade improvements to existing structures or as an incentive to developers proposing projects within the TID. The façade improvement program will help maintain and enhance the overall attractiveness and commercial viability of existing businesses within the TID, while the development incentive program will encourage economic development and redevelopment for new businesses locating to the district.

Tax rates within the district are frozen at a base rate for the life of the program and any additional revenue above the base rate as a result of an increase in property value goes to provide funding for the development projects and public improvement in the area. This program is a long-term project that promises the redevelopment and economic success of Allouez for years to come.

For more information pertaining to the TID please see the links below or contact Brad Lange.

Contact Information

Administrator, Brad Lange
Allouez Village Hall
1900 Libal Street
Green Bay, WI 54301-2453
Phone: (920)448-2800 ext. 106
Fax: (920)448-2850
Email: brad@villageofallouez.com

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