Storm Water Management

The purpose of Storm Water Management is to set forth storm water requirements and criteria which will prevent and control water pollution, and diminish the threats to public health, safety, welfare, and aquatic life due to runoff of storm water from development or redevelopment.

Storm Water Management Code  385  Update, Adopted February 7th, 2017

Storm Water Management, Post-Construction Code  387  Update, Adopted February 7th, 2017

Construction Site Erosion Control Code 200 Update, Adopted February 7th, 2017


To view storm water practices, go to: Best Practices

MS4  2014 Annual Report

Storm Water Plan Update, December 18th, 2012

Illicit Discharge and Connection

Post Construction Storm Water Management


Stormwater Permit Application

The Village of Allouez is required to submit an Annual Report to the Department of Natural Resources on the stormwater management activities completed by the Village during the previous year.

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