Public Works (+ Water Utility)

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Fall Leaf Collection:

Fall leaf collection begins in mid-October and extends through the week before Thanksgiving. The Village crew makes a full pass through the Village in 6-7 days. It is important that leaves be placed at the curb by Monday morning since the collection schedule varies and leaves may be picked up any day of the week. A Leaf Collection Schedule is posted twice weekly on the Village website and is intended to provide a general guide to when leaf collection will occur in specific areas of the Village.

Snow Plowing:

Allouez plows streets when the snow accumulation is three (3”) inches or more. However, winter weather conditions can vary widely and snow removal is planned as best as possible for each winter weather event to minimize risk to Residents. Generally, with snow accumulations of less than three (3”) inches the Village does not plow streets, but does apply salt at intersections and on streets with steep grades. For most snow events, side streets will be plowed during the night or early morning hours.

Sidewalk Shoveling:

1. The Village will plow the main sidewalks including Webster Avenue, Allouez Avenue, Libal Street, Hoffman Road, Riverside Drive, Greene Avenue and St. Joseph Street after snowstorms of 3” snowfall or more. The Village plows its streets at a 3” snowfall as well. Property owners must shovel after Village sidewalk snowplowing to maintain their sidewalk clear of snow and ice.

2. After each snowfall the Village plows the roundabouts, village properties, and school sidewalk routes. Village sidewalk snowplowing will be completed within 48 hours of a snowfall including weekends. Refer to the Village sidewalk snowplowing map for further information.

3. Allouez residents must shovel their sidewalk after snowstorms, and maintain their sidewalk clear of snow and ice–even if the sidewalk is first plowed by the Village. This includes Webster Avenue, Allouez Avenue, Libal Street, Hoffman Road, Riverside Drive, Greene Avenue, St. Joseph Street and School Sidewalk Routes. Residents have 48 hours after a snowstorm to complete sidewalk shoveling.

4. Because the Brown County Highway Department frequently plows large amounts of snow onto Webster Avenue, Allouez Avenue and Riverside Drive sidewalks, the Village will provide additional snowplowing of these sidewalks when the weather and snow conditions dictate more frequent snowplowing.

Non-Compliance Penalty
The Village of Allouez Policy for Sidewalk Clearing Charge for Non-Compliance is as follows:

1st Notice $50 per lot (up to 100 ft) plus $10 per each 100 ft.
2nd Notice Two times the 1st Non-Compliance Charge
3rd Notice Three times the 1st Non-Compliance Charge plus Citation for Violation of Sidewalk Clearing

Ord. 350.28


Water Conservation:

As a member of the Central Brown County Water Authority, the Village of Allouez encourages and has committed to increased water conservation.

Water Rate:

When reading your monthly municipal services invoice remember that the water charge, the sanitary sewer charge, and the storm water charge are listed individually and the codes explain the charges.

Water Conserving Methods:

Residents are encouraged to conserve through use of water-conserving plumbing fixtures. Information on water conserving appliances is available at Look for the WaterSense label on plumbing products as these are products confirmed to be low water use products.

Lawn watering is probably the greatest opportunity for water conservation. Lawn watering systems should include a moisture sensor to over-ride the watering system operation when rainfall occurs and adequate water is already available.

Cross Connection Inspections:

The Allouez Water Utility is required under Wisconsin Administrative Code NR 811.09 (1) (c) to inspect every Residential water service a minimum of once every twenty (20) years, and every commercial business water service every two (2) years to eliminate plumbing cross connections of potential contamination sources to the water supply system. Inspections must include all points of access to the water system within a building, not just an inspection of the water meter. These include outside threaded faucets that can be connected to garden hoses, laundry wash tub faucets, inside basement threaded water faucets, bath tub faucets, and flexible shower faucets such as in a shower stall. All potential cross connection points must be properly installed and must have a hose bib backflow preventer if a threaded faucet. Household inspections are conducted by area in the Village. Residents will be notified if their home is to be inspected. Inspections are performed by HydroDesigns as an authorized agent of the Allouez Water Utility and the Village of Allouez Water Department. Further information on the Cross Connection Program is available on the Village website under Water Utility.

December 15, 2011