Engineering and Construction Projects

The Public Works Department is responsible for the planning, design, permitting and construction of public related infrastructure within the Village.  The Department is also responsible for the review and evaluation of infrastructure proposed by private development to ensure uniformity and conformity with Village specifications and standards.

The Department plans for the maintenance, repair and reconstruction of existing facilities as well as the long-range planning for the Village.  It is also responsible for the inspection and proper documentation of the Village’s construction projects.

The primary objectives include:

  • Provide the most cost-effective method of design and construction of projects.
  • Evaluate, analyze and develop projects to maintain, repair or replace the Village’s existing infrastructure in accordance with the 5-yr Capital Improvement Plan.
  • Ensure infrastructure is constructed according to Village standards and specifications. And that the completed work is properly documented.

The Department of Public Works, to its best ability, handles much of the design and preparation of plans for the Village’s street and utility improvement projects.  For the design of street reconstruction and special projects, the Village will retain a qualified civil engineering consultant to assist with the project as needed.  The engineering firms that the Village may contract with as needed include: AECOM, Ayres, Cedar Corporation, JT Engineering, Graef, KL Engineering, McMahon Associates, Mead and Hunt, MSA, RaSmith, Robert E. Lee & Associates, Ruekert Mielke and Strand.

Upcoming Street Reconstruction Projects:

This spring due to the age and condition of the existing pavement and underground public utilities the Village of Allouez, with favorable bid pricing, will be reconstructing the following streets:

  • Roselawn Boulevard from Riverside Dr. east approximately 1400 feet.
  • Beaumont Street from Greene Ave. north to Mission St.
  • Kalb Avenue from Libal St. to the East River

Project Scope

In general the street improvement project includes:

  • Replacement of the existing water main, sanitary sewer and storm sewer.
  • Installation of new storm laterals and replacement of the existing water and sanitary sewer laterals from the main to the property line.
  • Voluntary replacement of private side sanitary sewer laterals.
  • Placement of new concrete curb & gutter and driveway aprons. The existing driveway width at the property line will be matched.
  • Removal of and placement of new asphalt pavement.
  • The construction of a new 5’ sidewalk along with a 6’ terrace along Roselawn Blvd and Beaumont St. will be bid as an alternate to the project. After the bid opening, with the sidewalk construction cost known, the Village Board will take action on whether or not to proceed with the construction of sidewalk in conjunction with the street reconstruction project.

During the week of February 15th, the Village will be staking the outer edge of the sidewalk for the property owner’s review and reference. 

Project Schedule   

Weather dependent, construction is likely to begin early in May and be completed no later than the middle of October.

2021 Construction Projects Update

Construction Update (11-8-21)

Map of 2021 Public Works Projects

2021 Street Reconstruction Plans:

2021 Street Reconstruction Project – AL-2021-01

  • Beaumont St- Greene Ave to E. Mission Rd +/- 2,100 ft
  • Kalb Ave- Libal St to Termini +/- 950 ft

AL-2021-01 Bid Tabulation


2021 Street Reconstruction Project – AL-2021-02

  • Roselawn Blvd- Riverside Dr east +/- 1,400 ft

AL-2021-02 Bid Tabulation


2021 Street Resurfacing Project – AL-2021-03

  • St. Mary’s Blvd – Webster Ave west +/- 1,400 ft 
  • Rosemont Dr- Webster Ave to Arbor Lane +/- 1,425 ft
  • Kalb Ave- Webster Ave to Libal St +/- 2,500 ft


  • Hilltop Dr– Clay St to Delahaut St +/- 960 ft
  • McCormick St– Clay St to S. Irwin Ave +/- 1,620 ft 
  • St. Joseph St Alley- +/- 150 ft

AL-2021-03 Bid Tabulation

2021 Sanitary Sewer Lining Project – AL-2021-04

  • St. Mary’s Blvd – Webster Ave west +/- 1,400 ft
  • Roselawn Blvd – Riverside Dr east +/- 1,400 ft
  • Sioux Ln – In easement between Sioux Ln and Beaumont St

AL-2021-04 Bid Tabulation


2021 Sanitary Lateral Replacement Project – AL-2021-05

  • St. Mary’s Blvd – Webster Ave west +/- 1,400 ft
  • Green Isle Park

AL-2021-05 Bid Tabulation


2021 Webster Avenue Sanitary and Storm Sewer Televising Project – AL-2021-07

  • 25,000 Linear Feet of Sanitary and Storm Sewer
  • 225 Sanitary Sewer Laterals

AL-2021-07 Bid Tabulation


2020 Sanitary Sewer Lateral Replacement Project

    • St. Mary’s Blvd – Riverside Drive to 1600′ East

2020 Sanitary Sewer Lining Project 

  • St Mary’s Blvd– Riverside Drive to 1600′ East

2020 Street Resurfacing Project:

  • St. Mary’s Blvd – Riverside Drive to 1600′ East
  • Stanton Court- Arbor Lane to Termini
  • Arbor Lane- Stanton Court to Rosemont Drive
  • Garland Street- Webster Avenue to Baird Street

AL-2020-01 Bid Tabulations


2019 Street Construction Project Update

AL-2019-01, 2019 Street & Utility Reconstruction Project:

    • Oakwood Avenue – Greene Avenue to Allouez Avenue
    • Oak Hill Drive – Beaumont Street to Oakwood Avenue
    • Summit Street – Beaumont Street to Oakwood Avenue
    • Blackhawk Drive

AL-2019-01 Bid Tabulations


    • Longview Avenue – Delahaut Street to Libal Street
    • Martha Avenue – Dead End South 60 Feet
    • St. Joseph Street – Riverside Drive to Webster Avenue

AL-2019-02 Bid Tabulations

2019 Street Repair (Maintenance) Project included the following streets:  


  • Warren Court – Riverside Drive to Du Charme Lane
  • Woodrow Way and Brookridge Street – Dauphin Street – Libal Street
  • Beaupre Street – Webster Avenue to Libal Street

AL-2019-03 Bid Tabulations

2019 Street Construction Project Update


2018 Water Main Replacement:

Warren Court Water Main Replacement AL-2018-02

         Warren Court from Du Charme Lane to Riverside Drive

2018  Street Repair Projects included the following streets:

           East River Drive from Longview Avenue to Village Limits

           Floral Drive/Schroeder Lane from Libal Street to St. Joseph Street

           Warren Court from Du Charme Lane to Riverside Drive

           Service Road from  Riverside Drive to Stambaugh Road

AL – 2018 – 01 Bid Tabulations

AL – 2018 – 01 Letter to Resident


2017  Street Repair Projects included the following streets:

East River Drive from E. Briar Lane to Longview Avenue
E. Briar Ln.  from Briar Terrace  to E. Briar Lane- 700 Block  Full Length of street but ½ width:  
Le Brun Street  from Webster Avenue  to McCastlen Street – Joint project with the City of De Pere

AL  2017 – 01   Bid  Tabulation 

AL  2017 – 01   Bid  Tabulation 


2017  Street and Utility Reconstruction Project included the following streets:

E. St. Joseph Street from Libal Street to East River Drive
Jourdain Lane from Dauphin Street to Brookridge Street
DuCharme Lane from Iroquois Avenue to Whitney Street
Bryan Street from Linck Court to Webster Avenue
Detrie Drive from S. Clay Street to Delahaut Street
Longview Avenue from S. Clay Street to Delahaut Street
Green Isle Park Entrance

 2017   Memo on Sidewalks on Longview and E St. Joseph

Five-Year Reconstruction Plan Meeting  July 2016

July 2016   Reconstruction Meeting Memo

July 2016   Reconstruction Plan Meeting Input Form

July 2016   Reconstruction Plan Power Point Presentation

2016  Map of Street Repair Projects

2016  Letter to Resident Effected by Street Repair Project

2016  Street Repair Projects included the following streets:

Miramar Drive from Du Charme Lane to Riverside Drive
Hawthorne Place from Allouez Avenue to Meadow Lane
Chantilly Rue from Bordeaux Rue to Grande Rue
East River Drive from Hoffman Road to East Briar Lane

**East Briar Lane from Libal Street to the 700 Block of Briar Lane:   Length of street but ½ width:  Alternate (If funds are available after bid opening)

AL  2016 – 01  Bid Tabulations

AL 2015 – 01 Bid Tabulation

AL 2014 – 1  A and B Bid Tabulations

AL 2014 – 02 Bid Tabulations

If you have not filled out a Bidder’s Proof of Responsibility for the Construction Year, please click on the link –   Bidder’s Proof of Responsibility